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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Postmarked 2010 Entries

The entries that are not numbered did not arrive in time for the exhibition, but I want to post them anyway! They will be available for donation at the Claremont Forum in 2011. Thank you for your enthusiasm!
Anaspinu, Romania Gospodin, Podgorica (arrived damaged in postal envelope, as pictured)
Goop Gallery, Ontario Canada
Ryosuke Cohen, Osaka Japan
Serse Luigetti, Perugia Italia

347. Clement Padin, Monteviedo, Uruguay
346. Sally Cole, San Jose CA
345, Vanessa Meyers, Claremont CA 343 (top) and 344 (bottom) Vanessa Meyers, Claremont CA
342. David Freund, Los Angeles CA
341. Albrecht, Gumlich, Los Angeles CA
340. Michael, Havertown PA
339. Andrew Ballstaedt, Claremont CA
338. N. Katepina, Greece
337. Ruud Janssen, The Netherlands
336. Danielle Feviera, Albuquerque NM
335. Albrecht Gumlich, Los Angeles CA 333. Bolu Senol, Turkey 332. Soren Burgen, Claremont CA
331.Susan Faye, Willamina OR 330. M. L. Jankowski, Panama City FL 329. C. Donahue, Quito, Ecuador 328. Anonymous, San Bernardino CA
328. Jackie Gregory, Lookout Mtn TN 327. Nancy Snyder Holliday, Broomall, PA 326. Cyndy Goldman, Lafayette CA 325. Katherine Ranft, Havertown PA 324. Anne Seltzer, Claremont CA 323. Frausto, Las Vegas NV
322. Anonymous, Claremont CA
321. Dorothy Wallace, Claremont CA
320. Melanie Green, Menifree CA
319. AC, Upland CA
318. Susan Brooks, Chino CA
316(top) and 317(bottom) CC Baril, Detroit MI
315. Russ Loar, Claremont CA
314. Nancy Clark, Claremont CA
313. Albrecht Gumlich, Los Angeles CA
312. Carissa Edwards, Hemet CA
310 (top) and 311 (bottom) : Anonymous, San Bernardino CA
309. Megan Madzoeff, Los Angeles CA
308. Megan Madzoeff, Los Angeles CA
307. Jackie Gregory, Lookout Mtn TN
306. Anonymous, Claremont CA
305. Anonymous, City of Industry CA 304. Rebecca Hamm, Claremont CA
3o3. Nancy Scali, Claremont CA
302. Douglas McGoon III, Claremont CA
301. Albrecht Gumlich, Los Angeles CA
300. Nancy Rutherford, Ontario CA
299. Chairloyce (?), Geneva (?) Italy
298. Joanne Beckman, Chino Hills CA
297. Anonymous, City of Industry CA
296. Anonymous, City of Industry CA
295. Seth Pringle, Claremont CA
292 (top), 293 (middle), 294 (bottom) Seth Pringle, Claremont CA
291. Anonymous, City of Industry CA
290. Anne Seltzer, Claremont CA
289. Anne Seltzer, Claremont CA
288. Anne Seltzer, Claremont CA
287. Bunny Gunner Art Services, Pomona CA 286. Bunny Gunner Art Services, Pomona CA 285. Bunny Gunner Art Services, Pomona CA
284. Pal Csaba, Budapest Hungary
283. JB, Briscoll, AZ
282. Janet Takara, Claremont CA
281. Vincent Corriere, Mandelieu France 280. Rachele Cheyenne, Pollutri Italy
279. Anonymous, USA
278. Anonymous, Claremont CA
277. Anonymous, Orange CA
276. Joe Messinger, Claremont CA
274 (top)and 275 (bottom) Joe Messinger, Claremont CA
273. Barbara Nodtvedt, USA
272. Theresa Shellcroft, Victorville CA
271. Theresa Shellcroft, Victorville CA
270. Jane Dough, Claremont CA
269. LMC, San Diego CA
268. LMC, San Bernardino CA
267. Mura Di Giulio, Pollutri Italy
266. Darrow and Gallous(?), San Diego CA
(one example of reverse side of images below)
260,261,263,264,265(Clockwise starting at top left): Anonymous, Claremont CA
258 (top) and 259 (bottom) Penny, Victorville CA
257. Louise Simons, Yellow Springs, OH
256. Simons, Louise, Yellow Springs OH
255. Arlene Moreno, Rancho Cucamonga CA
254. Keith Buchholz

253. Jackie Gregory, Lookout Mtn TN 252. Mike Severin, LaVerne CA 251. Bea Lamar, Beverly Hills CA
250. Bea Lamar, Beverly Hills CA
248.(top) and 249. (bottom) Cori Griffin Ruiz
247. Sioux Bally-Maloof, Mentone CA
246. Sioux Bally-Maloof, Mentone CA
245. Sioux Bally-Maloof, Mentone CA
244. Sioux Bally-Maloof, Mentone CA
243. Anonymous City Industry CA
242. LMC, San Bernardino
241. LMC, San Bernardino
240. LMC, San Bernardino
239. Marylinn Kelly, South Pasadena CA238. Marylinn Kelly, South Pasadena CA
237. Father Bill Moore, Pomona CA
236. Karen Chew, Redwood City CA
235. Kathy Warth, Industry CA
233 (left) and 234(right) Jackie Gregory, Lookout Mtn, TN(these make noise/music when shaken)
232. Anonymous, San Dimas CA
231. Lisa Cabrera, Pomona CA
230. Mara Sanders, Claremont CA
228 (top) and 229 (bottom) . Francine Oller, Santa Monica CA
227. Barbara Walter, Redding CA 226. Patty Ogden, Highland CA
225. Francine Oller, Santa Monica CA
223. (top) and 224 (bottom) Francine Oller, Santa Monica CA
221 (left) and 222 (right) Nancy Scali, Claremont CA
219 (left) and 220 (right) Nancy Scali, Claremont CA
217 (left) and 218 (right) Nancy Scali, Claremont CA
215 (left) and 216 (right) Nancy Scali, Claremont CA
214. Vincent Corriere, Mandelieu, France
213. Anne Seltzer, Claremont CA
212. Anne Seltzer, Claremont CA
211. Mara Sanders, Claremont CA
210. Mara Sanders, Claremont CA
207 (top) , 208(middle) and 209 (bottom) Mara Sanders, Claremont CA
205 (top) and 206 (bottom) Mara Sanders, Claremont CA
203(top) and 204(bottom) Mara Sanders, Claremont CA
201. (left) and 202 (right) Mara Sanders, Claremont CA
200. Richard Canard, Carbondale IL
199. Piet Franzen, The Netherlands
198. Mike Prinzi, Glendora CA
197. Anonymous Correctional Worker, Seattle WA
196. Rosie Guajardo, Los Angeles CA
195. Rosie Guajardo, Los Angeles CA
194. Rosie Guajardo, Los Angeles CA
192 (top) amd 193 (bottom) Rosie Guajardo, Los Angeles CA
191. Ariana Scmid, Ontario CA
190. Anonymous, Santa Monica CA
189. Miles, Michael, Pomona CA 188. Miles, Michael, Pomona CA 187. Paul Evans, Los Angeles CA 186. Laurie Bloom, Freeport IL
185. Henri Lucas, France
184. A Jacobson, Claremont CA
183. A Jacobson, Claremont CA
182. A Jacobson, Claremont CA
181. A Jacobson, Claremont CA
180. Sandy Garcia, Claremont CA
178 (top) and 179 (bottom) Dawn Mudore, Freeport IL
175 (top), 176 (Middle), 177 (bottom) Dawn Mudore, Freeport IL
174. Karen Karlsson, Pomona CA
173. Alexis LaRue, Norco, CA
172. Anonymous, San Bernardino CA
171. Anonymous, San Bernardino CA
170. Kim Kimerling, Vancouver WA
169. Edan Curtis, Rancho Cucamonga CA 168. Aleli Jolicoeur, Claremont CA
167. Aleli Jolicoeur, Claremont CA
166. Corrier, Vincent, Mandelieu, France 165. Bee, Oneonta NY 164. Lucette Bourdin, Pomona CA 163. Pal Csaba, Budapest Hungary
162. Pat McEwin Smith, San Jose CA
161. Raven Erebus, Trollop Press San Francisco CA
158 (top) 159 (middle) and 160 (bottom) Raven Erebus, Trollop Press San Francisco CA
157. Karen Chew, Redwood City CA
155 (top) and 156 (bottom) Richard Canard, Carbondale IL
154. Kim Kimerling, Vancouver WA
153. C. Rizzuto, Sunnyvale CA
152.Mimi Torch Boothby 151. Lucette Bourdin, Pomona CA149 (top) and 150 (bottom) Harley, Forestville CA
148. Karen Karlsson, Honolulu HI
147. Richard Canard, Carbondale IL
146. C Rizzuto, Sunnyvale CA
145. C Rizzuto, Sunnyvale CA
144. Kryk Stiffler, Upland CA
143. Kryk Stiffler, Upland CA
142. Tamayo the Cat, Claremont CA
141. Anonymous, Claremont CA 140. John Held Jr, San Francisco CA 139. Jone Manoogian, Palo Alto, CA
138. R.F. Cote, Quebec Canada
137. Anne Seltzer, Claremont CA
136. Anne Seltzer, Claremont CA
135. Richard Canard, Carbondale IL
134.Daniel Kiefffer, Raleigh NC
133. Mimi Torch Boothby, Seattle WA
132, Kathy Warth, Industry CA
129 (top), 130( middle), 131 (bottom). Kathy Warth, Industry CA127 (top), 128 (bottom). Kathy Warth, Industry CA 126. Sally Cole, San Jose, CA 125. Jan Wheatcroft, Claremont CA
124. Jan Wheatcroft, Claremont CA
123. Jan Wheatcroft, Claremont CA
122. Jan Wheatcroft, Claremont CA
121. Janet Takara, Claremont CA 120. Hazel Carey, London
119. Richard Canard (this is a totally clear postcard) Carbondale, IL
117 (top) and 118 (bottom) Eloise Wukmir, City of Industry, CA 116. Greg Liffick, CA
115. Ann Myers, Redding CA 114. Ann Myers, Redding CA 113. Ann Myers, Redding CA
112. Katie Selke, Claremont CA 111.Katie Selke, Claremont CA 110. Leah Bartal, London England 109. Anonymous, London England 108. Anonymous, London England
107. Anne Seltzer, Claremont CA
106. Amy Maloof, CA
105. Joanne Lobeski Snyder, Shasta CA
104. Anne Seltzer, Claremont CA
103.Anne Seltzer, Claremont CA
102. Anne Seltzer, Claremont CA
101. Boo Cartledge, Louisville KY
100. Karen Karlsson, Pomona CA 99. Sumi Foley, Claremont CA
98. Pat Evans, Claremont CA
97. Pat Evans, Claremont CA
95. (top) and 96. (bottom)Pat Evans, Claremont CA
94. Pat Evans, Claremont CA
93. Joelle Barnett, City of Industry CA
92. Madame X, Los Angeles CA
91. Nancy Hartness, Athens GA
90. Daniel C Boyer, Houghton MI
88 (top) an 89 (bottom) Richard Canard, Carbondale IL
87. Sylvia Megerdichian, Upand CA
86. Sylvia Megerdichian, Upand CA
85. City the Kitty, Facebook, Los Angeles CA
84. Jim Vicario, Rancho Cucamonga CA
82 (top) and 83 (bottom) Jim Vicario, Rancho Cucamonga CA
81. Zona Sage, Oakland, CA
80. Judith Mangiameli, CA
78 (left) and 79 (right) Joella Barnett, City of Industry, CA
76 (top) and 77 (bottom) Zona Sage, Oakland, CA
75. Brandon Guzman, Rancho Cucamonga, CA
74. Arlene Moreno, Rancho Cucamonga, Ca
73. Arlene Moreno, Rancho Cucamonga, Ca 72. Arlene Moreno, Rancho Cucamonga, Ca 70. (top) and 71.(bottom) Davetta Williams, Claremont CA
69. Richard Canard, Carbondale IL
68. Jennifer Zoellner, St Petersburg FL 67. Jennifer Zoellner, St Petersburg FL
66.Richard Canard, Carbondale IL
65. Cherie Savoie, Norco CA
64. Lucette Bourdin, Pomona CA
63. Lucette Bourdin, Pomona CA
62. Davetta Williams, Claremont CA
61. Xero ink, Sacramento CA
60. Cherie Savoie, Norco CA 59. Richard Canard, Carbondale IL 58. G Eganlawson, Upland CA 57. Anne Seltzer, Claremont CA
56. Davetta Williams, Claremont CA
55. Tracy H. , U.K. 54. Patrica Evans, Claremont CA
53. Patrica Evans, Claremont CA
52. Patrica Evans, Claremont CA
51. Patrica Evans, Claremont CA
50. Clemente Padin, Montivideo Uruguay
49. Anne Seltzer, Claremont CA 48. Marcus Pagel, Los Angeles CA 47. Leila Pagel, Los Angeles CA
46. J Woodward, Upland CA
45. Katherine Ranft, Havertown PA 44. J Woodward, Upland CA 43. Vittore Barroni, Viareggio Italy 42. Suzi Stiefel, Chino CA
41. Mimi Boothby, Seattle WA
40. Jude Ongley,
39. J Woodward, Upland CA 38. Jennifer Zoellner (Image on back), St Petersburg FL 37. Glixman, Worcester MA 36. Glixman, Worcester MA
35. Jan Wheatcroft, Claremont CA 34. Jan Wheatcroft, Claremont CA 33. Jan Wheatcroft, Claremont CA 32. Jan Wheatcroft, Claremont CA 31. Jan Wheatcroft, Claremont CA
30. Suzi Steifel, Chino, CA
29. Helen Feller, Claremont CA
26(left),27 (middle) ,28(right), Helen Feller, Claremont CA
25 Helen Feller, Claremont CA
24 (left), 25 (right) Helen Feller, Claremont CA
23. Lucette Bourdin, Pomona CA 22. Ryosuke Cohen, Osaka Japan 21. Brent Leopold, Camp Hill PA 20. Brent Leopold, Camp Hill PA
19. Brent Leopold, Camp Hill PA
18. Brent Leopold, Camp Hill, PA 17. Anne Seltzer, Claremont CA
11 (top),12,13 (left to right middle row),14,15,16 (left to right bottom row)
Mike Severin, LaVerne, CA (6 entries pictured)
10. Anne Seltzer, Claremont CA
9. Anne Seltzer, Claremont CA
8. Fleur Helsinger, Oakland CA
7. Mimi, Seatle WA 6. Mike Severin, LaVerne CA 5. Tamayo-the-Cat, Claremont CA 4. Anne Seltzer, Claremont CA 3. Mimi Torchia Boothby, Seattle WA
2. Mimi , Seattle WA
1. Anonymous, Mt. Baldy CA