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Sunday, March 14, 2010

Postmarked 2010: The Exhibition Photos

Postmarked 2010: Entrance to the Claremont Forum's Community Gallery Overall gallery view The following photos are wall by wall, beginning with the walls on south-east side and going around the room...In the photo above, the camera is facing West. Entries that arrived after the entry deadline and installation are not represented in these photos, but are in the exhibition! I will post updated walls soon.
(Above photo)This is the wall where I post the mail art that for any reason has the art inside or on the reverse side of the postmarked side. These pieces often receive very high bids!
Richard (Canard), we dedicated practically a whole wall
for your written envelopes this year! (above)
Pat, Mara, Mike, Doug, helping to organize before hanging.
Doug tries out the fangled lazer machine. We liked the portable wall lasers best though.
Anne installs the first piece...
Just about to get started.....before the crew arrives....

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